As a housing corporation, you always want to be prepared for emergencies. Whether it’s water damage in an apartment caused by upstairs neighbors or other unforeseen situations, you want them fixed quickly and efficiently by professionals with expertise. At ServiceFix bv, we understand your needs and strive for the highest achievable result with maximum customer satisfaction.

The 5 main advantages of ServiceFix bv

  1. 24/7 accessibility: We are always there for you, regardless of the time of the emergency. You can count on us day and night.
  2. Complete Relief: We take care of all steps in the claims process so you can focus on other important matters. You don’t have to worry because we take care of everything.
  3. Very fast response time: We understand that time is crucial in emergencies. Therefore, we strive for a quick response time so that we can be on site as soon as possible to address the situation.
  4. Customized services: Each case is unique and requires a specific approach. At Kradon, we offer customized services tailored to your specific needs and situation. No standard solutions, but an approach that fits your housing association perfectly.
  5. Cleaning, reconditioning and repair: We offer a wide range of services, including cleaning, reconditioning and repair. Whatever the calamity, we have the expertise and experience to address the problem and restore your home to its optimal condition.

When a disaster occurs, as a housing association you want it to be resolved as quickly as possible without having to handle all the steps in the claims process yourself. Therefore, engage ServiceFix bv and outsource the handling of the disaster. Together with you and the resident in question, we draw up a clear plan of action. Clear communication is essential here, as it ensures efficient working methods.

As a specialized party, we completely unburden you as a housing corporation. We have extensive experience with various emergencies, ranging from burned houses to flooded parking lots. Our services, personnel and equipment are fully geared to quick and quality solutions. In recent years, we have worked continuously to improve and continue to do so to make our overall service even better.

In addition to quick and quality solutions, we also understand that as a housing association, you want the emergency resolved quickly. That is why we are available 24/7 and have short lines of communication within our organization, so we can move quickly. Safety is our top priority, both for our staff and for your residents. We are involved with your residents to minimize complaints and miscommunications.

When you hire ServiceFix bv, you can be confident that your disaster will be handled professionally and efficiently. We strive for the highest achievable result with maximum customer satisfaction. Unburden yourself as a housing corporation and let us be your specialized partner in disaster solutions.

Guaranteed professional and reliable handyman services

At ServiceFix BV, we proudly work with skilled craftsmen from a variety of fields to give you peace of mind when it comes to improving your home or commercial property.

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