Disaster recovery

Damage to your building cannot be predicted.
What can be predicted is that you want to have any damage resolved quickly.
ServiceFix BV is ready to act quickly and efficiently,
So that your home or office is safe and comfortable again.

Sewer/drain repair

Blockage, flooding of drains or sewers?
ServiceFix BV is available 24/7 to act quickly and efficiently.
So that your home or office is clean, safe and comfortable again.

Repairing leaks

Leakage service: do you urgently need a plumber because you have a leak?
ServiceFix BV is available 24/7 to act quickly and efficiently.
This way you prevent further damage and inconvenience!

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Restoration to a comfortable living environment

Nood afidchting

We are here for you 24/7

Fire, storm, flood. Natural phenomena that cause considerable, unexpected damage in a short period of time. The impact of this damage is often very large. For example, your home is suddenly inaccessible or employees can no longer work due to a dangerous situation in the workplace. Acting quickly and efficiently is a priority here, so you prevent your building from being unusable for a longer period of time. ServiceFix BV is an expert in this field. We ensure that your home feels like home again quickly and that your employees can work safely again.

Available 24/7

We always have a team ready to get to work immediately in the event of damage. And by always, we really mean 24/7. Whether your roof has been destroyed by a storm, the basement is flooded by a flood or your office is inaccessible due to a fire. We’re here for you.

Instant recovery

Damage to your building can lead to a disruption to daily operations. ServiceFix BV is set up to switch ad hoc in these cases. In this way, we prevent your building from being unusable for a longer period of time. We understand better than anyone that every day is one too many. With our immediate repair formula, our team of specialists immediately gets to work on the damage.

When repairing the damage, a short turnaround time is the priority. In the event of damage after a calamity, a lot can come your way, which is why we want to keep the process as easy as possible. In this way, we maintain all contact with the parties involved during the recovery and ensure a simple financial settlement afterwards.

Total recovery

Has a calamity such as fire or storm led to complex damage to your building? With our total repair formula, you choose a qualitative and total renovation. Before we start the recovery, we come up with a clear budget and a clear plan of action. We then start the recovery period, where quality and speed are paramount. If there is a need, we can also take care of the complete project coordination.

ServiceFix BV ensures that the living environment feels comfortable again in no time. Our team of specialists knows how important this is. They do everything in their power to make this happen. After all, everyone deserves a place where you can be yourself.

Planning the process. Man in suit and handyman in orange protective wear is working on construction

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