EHBC of ServiceFix BV – First Aid for Emergencies

ServiceFix BV offers First Aid in Case of Calamities (FACC) and is ready to assist you in securing and making safe your home or business premises. We understand that situations can arise where immediate action is needed, such as after a fire where emergency services may have broken open the front door or when windows are damaged by the fire.

Our team of professionals ensures that your premises remain secure and possibly inaccessible to unauthorized individuals. With our FACC service, you can rely on a quick and effective solution for your emergency.

Closing and sealing your premises

After a calamity, it is crucial to close and ensure proper sealing of your premises. ServiceFix BV can assist you with this. Our experienced professionals will ensure that your premises are securely closed off, preventing unwanted intruders from accessing your property.

Removing water and drying

In emergencies such as a fire, there is often water damage due to firefighting efforts. ServiceFix BV can assist you in removing water and drying out your premises. Our specialists have the necessary equipment and expertise to handle this professionally.

Placing emergency provisions

To ensure that your premises are immediately inhabitable or usable after a calamity, we can install emergency provisions. This may include temporary doors, windows, or other solutions to secure your property until permanent repairs can be carried out.

Replacing locks

After a break-in or other calamity, it may be necessary to replace locks. ServiceFix BV employs experienced locksmiths who can quickly and skillfully install new locks. This ensures that your premises are well-secured again, allowing you to live or work with peace of mind.

Sealing windows

Damaged windows can pose a significant safety risk after a calamity. Our experts can seal your windows, ensuring that your premises remain protected against weather conditions and unwanted intruders. This way, we ensure that your property becomes safe and inhabitable again quickly.

ServiceFix BV understands the importance of acting swiftly in emergencies. Our team is available 24/7 to assist you in securing and making safe your home or business premises. Contact us today and let us help you with our FACC service.

EHBC ServiceFix BV Eerste Hulp Bij Calimiteiten!
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